Cancer - Personalized Therapy

At the Icahn Institute of Genomics and Multiscale Biology our personalized cancer therapy program explores the use of genomic cancer data and sophisticated predictive models. Our unique approach helps us determine which treatments will target each individual patient’s cancer best.

While science has made substantial progress in understanding how different cancers evolve, we’re still learning that tumor composition can vary. These variations can increase as patients undergo treatment, and the tumor figures out ways to get around treatments.

Analyzing genomic data is one way we can determine the changes happening inside a patient's tumor. Genomic data can also help us figure out which treatment might be best for a patient's condition, as well as discover which genes are mutated and if any signaling pathways have been altered.

As part of this initiative, we are sequencing our patient’s tumor DNA, tumor RNA, and their "normal" DNA (as passed on by their mothers and fathers). These tests tell us which changes in the patient's tumor are specific to the tumor. These data are then interpreted and compared to what we know about the type of cancer a patient has. This analysis gives us the information we need to inform our patients which treatment paths may work best. This is a precision medicine approach to cancer.