Faculty and Staff Frequently Asked Questions 

Who has access to the information I report to Mount Sinai on my disclosure forms?
Access to the details that you provide on your disclosure forms is rigorously protected to ensure confidentiality. However, relationships with industry along with company names are posted publicly on Mount Sinai’s website but do not include dollar amounts. 

What am I supposed to report on my disclosure forms?
Please call our COI Helpline at 212-241-0845 for guidance on what you need to report. 

Why do I have to report my relationships with outside companies?
Transparency of relationships outside Mount Sinai; safeguards patient care, research and education. Reporting your outside relationships gives Mount Sinai the ability to review, evaluate and address any potential conflicts. 

I don’t have a conflict of interest so why do I have to report my outside activities?
A conflict of interest can be actual or perceived. Although you may feel that your financial interests don’t create a conflict, it may appear to others that they do. An independent evaluation of your financial interests by the institution addresses any perception or appearance of a conflict of interest. 

Who do I go to for approval of my outside activities?
You can refer to the following Approval Grid for requirements. Faculty should obtain approval from their Department Chair for all outside activities. Department Chairs are required to obtain approval from the Dean. If you are staff, you should seek approval from your Department Chair and/or Vice President , as applicable. 

What should I do if I’m being filmed or interviewed?
Immediately contact the Marketing and Communications Office at 212-659-9084 for further guidance. 

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