Our Work

In order to address the health inequities in health care, the Institute for Health Equity Research applies a multifaceted approach that integrates cores. Each research core will help progress toward a more equitable health care system.

The Four Core Areas

Our cores span Health Care Delivery Science, Community Engagement, Data Research, and Research Workforce.

Health Care Delivery Science
We aim to eliminate disparities in how diseases are diagnosed and treated while embedding equity in all measurements of health care quality across the health system.

Community Engagement
Our goal is to optimize the health and lives of groups most significantly and unjustly impacted by racism, poverty, and other inequities through representative and durable community partnerships.

Data and Research
We investigate and address how biological, social, financial, neighborhood, and health care factors have contributed to poor health outcomes for racial, ethnic, and gender minorities, as well as socioeconomically and physically disadvantaged groups, across a wide range of diseases and conditions.

Research Workforce
Through this core, we seek to transform the composition and focus of our research workforce to reflect the diversity of our society and ensure that all research is conducted through an equity lens. This IHER core includes the Center for Scientific Diversity at ISMMS (mssm.edu).

Why Health Equity Research Is Important

Health equity is the idea that everyone should have all of the resources needed to be healthy: nutritious food, stable housing, safe places to play and exercise, good education, fair-paying jobs, clean air & water, quality health care, and freedom from exploitation and racism.

Progress toward health equity requires that we understand and address the myriad causes of health and health care disparities. Health equity research studies these issues within their naturally occurring social and structural contexts and allows the development of strategies, programs, and policies to eliminate barriers to health.

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