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Current Open Positions

Genetic Testing Lab in Branford, Connecticut: click here for a list of open positions

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Senior Scientist, or Software Engineer - Dr. Jonathan Karr - Computational Systems Biology

Description: The Karr lab in the Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine is seeking talented, ambitious individuals to develop cutting-edge dynamical models of human and bacterial cells. Despite the explosion of experimental data, we do not comprehensively understand how phenotype arises from genotype. Our approach is to develop computational models which predict how behavior emerges from the molecular level by integrating diverse data into a single model. Our goal is to use models to make medicine more precise and personalized by predicting disease progression and drug responses. We are also using our models to engineer bacteria. Our research is highly interdisciplinary involving computational modeling, software engineering, data visualization and curation. We have close collaborations with several experimental groups to build and test our models.

Desired skills/experience: The ideal candidate has the following skills. Applicants with deep experience in related fields are also encouraged to apply.

• Deep experience in scientific computation, software engineering, data visualization, and databases
• Strong knowledge of biology, physics, mathematics, and computation
• Several years experience in computational systems biology is a plus
• Excellent object-oriented programming skills in Python, MATLAB, and JavaScript
• Ability to learn new skills and concepts
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Abilities to work independently and within a team effort

About the Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology: The Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology is an interdisciplinary group of scientists and engineers who are passionate about using computation and technology to make medicine more precise and personalized. Our research spans several areas of computational biology and biotechnology including systems biology, genomics, and bio- and medical informatics. Mount Sinai is an internationally recognized leader in clinical and basic science research.

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Hiring Manager: Jonathan Karr - karr@mssm.edu

Lab website: The Karr lab

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow and/or Staff Scientist on Data Visualization

Description: The Gumus lab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is building data visualization tools in genomics area to help biomedical researchers make sense of large, heterogenous genomic datasets, and to present the information in ways that are clear, interactive, and creative. We have close collaboration with wetlab biologists, clinical geneticists and computer scientists both within our institution and with other leading institutions and companies across the country. 

We are currently accepting applications from talented from talented and engaging people who have excellent programming and communication skills to join our group. Knowledge of genomics and/or biomedicine is a plus, but not a requirement. The person who fills this position will be responsible for co-architecting, developing, configuring and operating data visualization portals and/or software.

Because our studies involve team work, as long as you are enthusiastic about learning, we are open to consider you for a position, and train you in needed areas.

Required Training:

Ambitious and curious (and fun!) people with B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in computer science (or related fields). Compensation commensurate with experience/education. 

Required Experience:

  • At least one year of experience in distributed storage and processing of Big Data
  • Production-quality software development in Javascript
  • Experience with SQL systems (Postgresql, MySQL, SQL Server, etc.); UNIX, R, etc. 

Desirable experience:

  • A year of experience processing genomics data
  • Experience with common bioinformatics databases and genome browsers (e.g. dbGap, GenBank, dbSNP, IGV, UCSC, etc)

About Mount Sinai

Internationally regarded for its dedication to medical science, Mount Sinai is home to an array of leading research institutes, centers, and laboratories, all of which work towards rapidly translating advances in basic science into innovative patient care. 

Contact: zeynep.gumus@mssm.edu

Lab website: The Gumus lab

Follow us on Twitter @ZeynepHG @IcahnInstitute 


Position: Postdoctoral Fellow and/or Staff Scientist- Dr. Carmen Argmann - Systems Biology  

Description:  We are currently accepting applications for motivated Post-doctoral fellows and Staff Scientists who have combined knowledge of disease biology and some computational biology to join our Multi-scale biological data mining group. This is the prime position to help facilitate the transition of Big Data into new biological paradigms with direct applications to understanding complex diseases as well as inborn errors of metabolism and translate these findings into clinical applications. Close collaboration with wet biologists and clinicians to test and validate those novel biological insights is then critical. In this position, the opportunity to impact human biology and health are limited only by your imagination. Please click here to view our website for further inspiration. 

Requirements: Candidates should have a Ph.D. in biology, genetics, computer science, statistics, bioinformatics, computational biology, or a related field with key knowledge of biology. Knowledge or experience in complex genetic traits and network biology are a plus. The ideal candidate for this position will have substantial input to the specific nature of their research project. However, the project should broadly fit within the group's goals of bringing novel biological insight to Big Data and thereby playing a role in shaping and understanding complex health traits.

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Hiring Manager: Carmen Argmann - Carmen.argmann@mssm.edu 

Recruiter: Jonathan Gohil - Jonathan.gohil@mssm.edu


Position: Postdoctoral Fellow - Dr. Bin Zhang - Systems Biology

Description: Apply the state-of-the-art network inference approaches to analyze large scale, high-dimension molecular, cellular and pathological data in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases to identify critical sub-networks and key targets that are causally associated with the diseases. Develop biologically plausible disease pathway models for experimental and clinical validations. 

Requirements: Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Cancer, Neuroscience or a closely related field. Strong knowledge in cancer or neurodegenerative disease biology. Experience in programming or using statistical analysis tools.

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Hiring Manager: Bin Zhang - bin.zhang@mssm.edu                                                                    

Recruiter: Jonathan Gohil - jonathan.gohil@mssm.edu


Position: Postdoctoral Fellow - Dr. Harm Van Bakel - Cannabis Assembly 

Description: The candidate will work with the PI to perform genome and transcriptome assemblies using hybrid short/long-read next-generation sequencing data (NGS), and to identify SNPs and e-QTLs that affect cannabinoid biosynthesis. Additionally, the candidate will help develop novel algorithms and methods to improve upon existing assembly and genomic analysis pipelines using emergent technologies. We seek a highly motivated and dedicated Ph.D. in genomics or bioinformatics with excellent quantitative skills and the ability to work well in a collaborative environment. The successful applicant will have strong training in sequence assembly, genomic analysis and data mining.

Requirements: PhD in Bioinformatics, Cancer, Neuroscience or a closely related field. Strong knowledge in cancer or neurodegenerative disease biology. Experience in programming or using statistical analysis tools.

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Hiring Manager: Harm Van Bakel - harm.vanbakel@mssm.edu                                                 

Recruiter: Jonathan Gohil - jonathan.gohil@mssm.edu                            


Position: Postdoctoral Fellow - Dr. Pei Wang - Data Analysis

Description:  The successful applicant will collaborate with quantitative researchers on the development of statistical and mathematical methods for analyzing and interpreting data from genomic and proteomics technologies. 

Requirements: A Ph.D. in statistics/biostatistics or related area is required. Relevant areas of expertise include high dimensional data analysis, statistical learning, machine learning and et al. Some experience with applied techniques and analysis of data is expected. Experience with computational programming such as R and C is required.

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Hiring Manager:  Pei Wang - pei.wang@mssm.edu                                        

Recruiter: Jonathan Gohil - Jonathan.gohil@mssm.edu


Position: Patient Coordinator - Sean Clarke - Genetics Clinical Practice 

Description:  Greets and establishes first contact with patients. Confirms and updates patient demographics and verifies insurance as necessary to ensure that patients have appropriate insurance for physician they are seeing. Process/update HIPAA- related paperwork and other institutional forms as necessary. Answer phones for practice and schedule appointments.

Requirements: High School graduate/GED, plus one year physician practice experience.

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Hiring Manager:  Sean Clarke - sean.clarke@mssm.edu                                                            

Recruiter: Jonathan Gohil - Jonathan.gohil@mssm.edu


Position: Data Analyst I - Dr. Robert Klein - Data Analysis 

Description:  Under the direction of the PI, conduct analyses of genomics data sets aimed at elucidating the role of inherited genetic variation in cancer. Duties include writing code to process the datasets and perform the analyses, as well as the analysis of the data.

Requirements: BA (or higher) in Computer Science, Statistics, Bioinformatics, Biology, or related discipline. Working knowledge of both modern genetics and basic computer programming. 

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Hiring Manager:  Robert Klein - robert.klein@mssm.edu                                                          

Recruiter: Jonathan Gohil  - Jonathan.gohil@mssm.edu