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Current Open Positions

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow and/or Staff Scientist- Dr Carmen Argmann - Systems Biology
:  We are currently accepting applications for motivated Post-doctoral fellows and Staff Scientists who have combined knowledge of disease biology and some computational biology to join our Multi-scale biological data mining group.  Despite what you may think when you read your biological textbooks, much of the mystery of life is not gone and many of the details of the molecular-biological processes remain to be worked out. For example, we know that individuals' genetic differences affects their response to environment and sensitivity to disease, but why and how? With the contemporary generation of huge datasets (aka Big Data), such as those from within the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology, there has been an outpouring of information about how life works. Thus many of the pieces of information to generate novel biological insight are there; the next step is for the eyes of biological experts to be immersed in the computational world to help reveal them. Our Multi-scale biological datamining group sits at the interface of the computational biologists and the wet biologists here in the Genetics of Genomics Sciences Department at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. This is the prime position to help facilitate the transition of Big Data into new biological paradigms with direct applications to understanding complex diseases as well as inborn errors of metabolism and translate these findings into clinical applications. Close collaboration with wet biologists and clinicians to test and validate those novel biological insights is then critical. In this position, the opportunity to impact human biology and health are limited only by your imagination. Please view our website for further inspiration (http://icahn.mssm.edu/genomics)  and http://icahn.mssm.edu/profiles/carmen-argmann.

Requirements: Candidates should have a Ph.D. in biology, genetics, computer science, statistics, bioinformatics, computational biology, or a related field with key knowledge of biology. Knowledge or experience in complex genetic traits and network biology are a plus. The ideal candidate for this position will have substantial input to the specific nature of their research project. However, the project should broadly fit within the group's goals of bringing novel biological insight to Big Data and thereby playing a role in shaping and understanding complex health traits.
Application Link: http://www.mountsinai.org/careers/career-pathways/research/postdoctoral-fellow-pd13-1554718
Contact: Carmen Argmann - Carmen.argmann@mssm.edu
Jonathan Gohil - Jonathan.gohil@mssm.edu

Postion: Associate Researcher II - Dr. Ethylin Jabs -
Description: Open to work in a dynamic and rapidly growing research group focused on studying the pathogenesis and molecular mechanism of human genetic malformations with craniofacial abnormalities.  The laboratory is using multiple approaches and model systems. The researcher would be responsible for the performance of various technical tasks and working with postdoctoral fellows and faculty.
Requirements: Certain laboratory skills will be required including DNA sequencing, mutation detection, protein and RNA analysis;  quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), western blotting; and experience in mammalian cell culture techniques. The ideal candidate would have experience with mouse breeding and maintenance. There will be responsibilities of ordering and quality assurance.  Previous research experience is required.
Application Link: http://www.mountsinai.org/careers/career-pathways/research/associate-researcher-ii-13-1599066
Contact: Ethylin Jabbs - JabsResearch@mssm.edu
Contact: Jonathan Gohil - jonathan.gohil@mountsinai.org

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow - Dr. Bin Zhang - Systems Biology
Description: Apply the state-of-the-art network inference approaches to analyze large scale, high-dimension molecular, cellular and pathological data in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases to identify critical sub-networks and key targets that are causally associated with the diseases. Develop biologically plausible disease pathway models for experimental and clinical validations.
Requirements: PhD in Bioinformatics, Cancer, Neuroscience or a closely related field. Strong knowledge in cancer or neurodegenerative disease biology. Experience in programming or using statistical analysis tools.
Application Link: http://www.mountsinai.org/careers/career-pathways/research/postdoctoral-fellow-pd13-1590274
Contact: Bin Zhang - bin.zhang@mssm.edu
Contact: Jonathan Gohil - jonathan.gohil@mssm.edu

Postion: Postdoctoral Fellow - Dr. Bojan Losic - Sequencing & Statistical Analysis
Description: One major goal of the research plan will be focused on the expression and regulation of coding and non-coding genes, alternate splicing characertization and fusion gene detection and validation for a wide variety of cancers and other disorders for which we have extremely unique and comprehensive molecular data, with significant interaction anticipated between the candidate and diverse interdiscplinary groups within the Institute. This work will naturally tie in with parallel efforts in the exciting and rapidly emerging new field of cancer immunotherapy, so thus there are also possibilities to get involved in aspects of cd8 epitope prediction in this contex as well as, generally, in constructing multiscale causal gene regulatory networks.  
Requirements: PhD in a quantitative discipline, preferably with substantial computational experience. Familiarity with existing genomics NGS software in a HPC linux environment, e.g. bowtie, bwa, tophat, cufflinks, trinity, GATK, in dealing with DNA-seq, RNA-seq and/or CHIP-seq data. Proficiency in rigorous multivariate statistical analysis of large datasets, with strong computing programming skills, ideally including scripting languages like perl, python, MATLAB, and R. Research experience in computational genomics.
Application Link: http://www.mountsinai.org/careers/career-pathways/research/postdoctoral-fellow-pd13-1588684
Contact: Bojan Losic - bojan.losic@mssm.edu
Contact: Jonathan Gohil - jonathan.gohil@mountsinai.org

Position: Associate Director, Molecular Genetics
Description: The responsibilities of the candidate include carrier screening and/or diagnostic sequencing tests in the laboratory that focus on prenatal and  pediatric populations.  This role requires the scientific understanding of how genetic variations lead to disease, and the technical proficiency to perform assay design, validation, and quality control of genetic tests relevant to the medical community. The candidate will work with the Laboratory Director to maintain a high level of quality testing and reporting to physician and reference clients. Faculty position and compensation commensurate with qualifications and experience, including 403b plan and full medical benefits.
Oversight of the development, validation, and implementation of clinical carrier screening and  sequencing assays
Management of relevant laboratory staff
Oversight of the relevant proficiency testing
Compliance to applicable regulations to maintain CLIA certification
Oversight of database annotation, bioinformatics development and reporting for carrier screening and sequencing tests
Contact: Lisa Edelmann, lisa.edelmann@mssm.edu 

Position: Associate Researcher I - Dr. Laurie Ozelius - Lab Technician
Description: Laboratory technician. Isolate DNA from blood and saliva; perform PCR for genotyping, mutation analysis, and sequencing.
Requirements: Experience with PCR, molecular biology, cloning, tissue culture, western blotting, IHC, bioinformatics are all useful.
Application Link: http://www.mountsinai.org/careers/career-pathways/research/associate-researcher-i-13-1541568
Contact: Jonathan Gohil - jonathan.gohil@mountsinai.org

Position: Biomedical Software Developer - Hardik Shah - Bioinformatics
Description: Create applications using Java, Python, and C++. Reverse engineer existing code bases, optimize and integrate into the main production code base. Work closely with various research teams to build out APIs that they can use to contribute to and use the main production code base. Build report interfaces and data feeds. Work with AWS and our existent high performance compute infrastructure.
Requirements: BSc/MS in Computer Science, or related field; 3+ years of relevant work experience; exceptional coding skills in one or more of the following: Perl, Python, and Java; deep experience of Unix/Linux; extensive MySQL database experience, NoSQL experience a plus.
Application Link: http://www.mountsinai.org/careers/career-pathways/it-technical/bioinformatician---software-engineer-13-1522786
Contact: Jonathan Gohil - jonathan.gohil@mountsinai.org