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Introduction to Triple Board

The Mount Sinai combined Pediatrics/General Psychiatry/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training Program, often referred to as the Triple Board Program, is a five-year program offering board eligibility in all three of these disciplines. Our Triple Board Program has been in existence since 1986 and was one of the original six programs that were established as part of a 10-year pilot project. The initial "experiment" was considered a success and was accredited by the ACGME in 1993, two years earlier than planned. Triple Board Programs are fully recognized by both the  American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and there are currently nine Triple Board Programs in the United States.

Triple Board at The Mount Sinai Health System

Mount Sinai has amassed considerable experience and expertise in the arena of this unique, challenging, and rewarding training opportunity. As mentioned above, the Mount Sinai program is well established at 17 years old and was one of the original six programs established in 1986. The program has had the opportunity to grow and mature to where it is today. While some programs are similar to Mount Sinai's, with an integrated curriculum, others are more compartmentalized; we believe that in our structure we have struck a balance between integration and continuity. Additionally, the Mount Sinai program exists within a single hospital system, lending administrative stability to the program. The Chairs, Training Directors, and faculty of all three components of the program are committed to the program and are highly supportive. Of note, the salaries and benefits of Triple Board residents are the same as those of the Adult Psychiatry Residency.

In general Triple Board is more recognized and accepted in the Northeast and has a significant presence in New York City. On the faculty at The Mount Sinai Health System are several graduates from three of the original six programs. Additionally, we have Mount Sinai graduates throughout New York City and the tri-state area; one of our graduates is the director of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry at New York University and three are at CCMC/Institute for Living in Hartford, Connecticut. There are also those that have located themselves in other areas of the country. Many have combined academic careers with private practice, having distinguished themselves in research and in medical/psychiatric training.

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