Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at The Mount Sinai Hospital

At Mount Sinai, we believe a fellowship is more than the means to an end; it's an experience. Our diverse clinical settings, expert teachers, and rich collection of specialty centers will enable you to craft your identity as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. We look forward to helping you embark on this very rewarding path. Follow our program on Instagram, @mountsinaicap, for updates and news, and watch our video to hear from our faculty and current fellows.

Our Values

We build on the following five values to give our fellows the training they need to graduate as experienced, motivated, caring, and always-curious child psychiatrists: clinical excellence, leadership in academics and research, education, community responsibility, and wellness.

Clinical Excellence

Delivering the highest quality care to our patients and their families is the heart of our program. The doctor-patient relationship is sacred to us. We don’t just treat symptoms—we care for the entire patient and family.

We employ a developmental training model, so you learn to identify and treat psychopathology in patients of all ages. Our therapeutic nursery begins at infancy, allowing trainees to learn normal and atypical development. Through our clinics, school-based programs, pediatric integrated program, and partnerships with local universities such as The New School, our fellows have access to children and teens from infancy through young adulthood. This lets you learn how different disorders present at different ages, and how to assess them in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Our program offers several levels of care for our patients. We have a 17-bed inpatient unit, a one-of-a-kind day treatment program approved by the New York State Department of Education known as Comprehensive Adolescent Rehabilitation and Education Service, a school-based clinic, and general and subspecialty outpatient psychiatry clinics. As a fellow at Mount Sinai, you have access to different severities of symptomatology, to develop relationships with patients and their families, and see improvement firsthand.

Mount Sinai offers the most advanced technological services and provides in-person as well as telepsychiatry services. Our fellows will be trained in delivering care through the increasingly popular medium of telemedicine.

In addition to covering the very latest in clinical care, we also teach you to consider the larger community of our young patients. This includes their nuclear and extended family, school, pediatric team, legal system, and community and social services. We work closely with each of these groups, and you will graduate confident in your ability to not only navigate a complex system, but to use it expertly.

Leadership in Academics and Research

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is a leader in research and continues to advance the field. We do not require our fellows to participate in research, but we do encourage it. Our fellows have the choice to pursue a research track, designed to cater to your particular area of focused interest, Department is involved in a large number of research projects, and we are happy to help connect you with mentors to launch your academic career.

Our child psychiatry division has a number of research and clinical centers that welcome fellows to participate:


We believe the best education provides a solid didactic foundation as well as substantial clinical experiences. Our didactics, grand rounds, and journal clubs are protected time and taught by our faculty. Please click on the First Year and Second Year tabs to learn more about our curriculum!


Our program is deeply embedded in the Morningside and East Harlem neighborhoods and takes on the responsibility of giving back to the community. We do not feel resources should be a barrier to accessing mental health services and believe all people are entitled to the best care offered. Through our main outpatient center, school-based and integrated clinic we are uniquely positioned to increase access to care.


Being a doctor, and particularly a child psychiatrist, is a challenging and demanding job. Ensuring our trainees’ well-being is a point of emphasis in the department and fellowship. Our program offers quarterly wellness days, access to free psychotherapy, and numerous wellness and fitness options such as free yoga classes and mindfulness workshops.

Additionally, there is NO CALL in year 2! For more information, visit the Office of Well-Being and Resilience