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    Dr. Ryan is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and an attending psychologist at Mount Sinai Hospital. Her primary area of research includes using MRI and proton MRS in HIV and Hepatitis C to investigate brain functioning and cognitive changes.  She also studies the impact of low literacy on cognition and the performance of ethnic minority individuals with low literacy on neuropsychological tasks.

    Dr. Ryan is the recipient of a Career Development Award from NIMH to study the neuropsychiatric and neurophysiologic changes in HIV and Hepatitis C in collaboration with Dr. Susan Morgello, Professor of Pathology and Neuroscience and Principal Investigator of the Manhattan HIV Brain Bank, Dr. Doug Dieterich, Professor of Medicine, Liver Diseases, and Dr. Dikoma Shungu, Professor of Physics in Radiology Psychiatry, and Physiology & Biophysics and Chief, Laboratory for Advanced MRS Research at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.  Dr. Ryan served as neuropsychologist for the Manhattan HIV Brain Bank and continues to participate in neuropsychological research with this cohort.


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