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  • Ph.D, Eötvös Loránd University

  • Ph.D., Hungarian Academy of Science


Dr. Sugár has made important contributions to theoretical biophysics by 1) deriving exact solutions of the fundamental equations of fluorescence and NMR spectroscopy, 2) constructing stochastic models of cell electroporation and electrofusion, 3) simulating two-component phospholipid membranes by Monte Carlo techniques, 4) developing a statistical mechanical model of sterol/phospholipid mixtures, 5) modeling peripheral protein adsorption on the water/lipid interface, and 6) studying the effect of  epithelial membrane geometry on autocrine/paracrine signaling. Recently he also contributed to the reliable analysis of high dimensional flow cytometry data by developing a fast clustering method and an improved method for compensation. 


Sugár IP, Chong PL. A Statistical Mechanical Model of Cholesterol/Phospholipid Mixtures: Linking Condensed Complexes, Superlattices, and the Phase Diagram. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011 Dec;.

Sugár IP, González-Lergier J, Sealfon SC. Improved compensation in flow cytometry by multivariable optimization. Cytometry. Part A : the journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology 2011 May; 79(5).

Sugár IP, Sealfon SC. Misty Mountain clustering: application to fast unsupervised flow cytometry gating. BMC bioinformatics 2010; 11.

Sugár IP, Sealfon SC. Model of autocrine/paracrine signaling in epithelial layer: geometrical regulation of intercellular communication. The journal of physical chemistry. B 2009 Aug; 113(31): 10946-10956.

Sugár IP, Brockman HL. Model of peripheral protein adsorption to the water/lipid interface. The journal of physical chemistry. B 2007 Apr; 111(16): 4073-4081.

Sugar IP, Lindesay J, Schmukler RE. Phenomenological theory of low-voltage electroporation Electric field calculation. J Phys Chem B 2003; 107: 3862-3870.

Sugár IP, Thompson TE, Biltonen RL. Monte Carlo simulation of two-component bilayers: DMPC/DSPC mixtures. Biophysical journal 1999 Apr; 76(4): 2099-2110.

Sugár IP. General method for finding explicit relationships between jump models of intramolecular dynamics and spectral densities. The journal of physical chemistry 1992; 96: 10719-10724.

Sugár IP. Use of Fourier transforms in the analysis of fluorescence data. 1. A general method for finding explicit relationships between photophysical models and fluorescence parameters. The journal of physical chemistry 1991; 95: 7508-7515.

Sugar IP, Neumann E. Stochastic model for electric field-induced membrane pores. Electroporation. Biophysical chemistry 1984 May; 19(3): 211-225.

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