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  • ASSISTANT CLINICAL PROFESSOR Medicine, Gastroenterology
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    Professional Societies
    American Federation for Clinical Research: 1959-1961
    American Medical Association 1963 - 1995
    New York County Medical Society 1963 - to present
    New York State Medical Society 1963 - to present
    American Society for Gastro-intestinal Endoscopy 1963 - to resent
    American Gastroenterological Association, 1964 - to present
    Associate Membership in the American Gastroenterological Association, May, 1969
    Active Membership in the American Gastroenterological Association, May, 1970
    New York County Medical Society Sub Committee on Computers in medicine, 1995-to present

    Dr. Finkel has volunteered his services extensively including three initiative in 2008 when he volunteered at US Army Hospital Tripler, E Salud Hospital in Lima Puru and at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Bangalore India. As part of his volunteer assignment in Lima and in Bangalore ,he taught new techniques for colonscopy to the staff and assisted in the interpretation of endoscopic findings. He pointed out the differential diagnosis of lymphoma of the stomach , submucosal tumors andtuberculosis of the large intestine.


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