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  • PHD, New School for Social Research

  • Internship, Psychology
    Greenery Rehabilitation Center

  • Internship, Psychology
    Concentra Managed Care

  • Fellowship, Cognitive Psychology
    Harvard University

  • Fellowship, Neuroimaging
    New York Presbyterian - Weill Cornell Medical Center


    Dr. Silverman a licensed psychologist, dual trained in both psychotherapeutic techniques and cognitive psychology. He has developed and published numerous novel studies probing the relationships between mood, anxiety, behavior and physiologic and neuroanatomic response. Dr. Silverman also has extensive experience in neuropsychiatric and cognitive assessment. His current work focuses primarily on understanding the neuroanatomical, neurobiological and neurofunctional basis of mood change during pregnancy and the period following childbirth. He also has open studies exploring the neuropsychiatric influences of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclorosis (ALS; Lou Gehrig's disease), the neuroanatomic affects of chronic stress, and detailing the cognitive changes as the result of in utero dexamethasone treatment secondary to congenital adrenal hypoplasia risk.


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Savitz DA, Stein CR, Ye F, Kellerman L, Silverman M. The epidemiology of hospitalized postpartum depression in New York State, 1995-2004. Annals of epidemiology 2011 Jun; 21(6): 399-406.

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Silverman ME, Loudon H, Safier M, Protopopescu X, Leiter G, Goldstein M. Neural dysfunction in postpartum depression: An fMRI pilot study. CNS Spectrums 2007; 12(11): 853-862.

Goldstein M, Brendel G, Tuescher O, Pan H, Epstein J, Beutel M, Yang Y, Thomas K, Posner M, Levy K, Clarkin J, Silverman M, Kernberg O, Stern E, Silbersweig D. Neural substrates of the interaction of negative emotion and motor inhibitory control: an emotional linguistic go/no-go fMRI study. NeuroImage 2007 Mar; 36(3): 1026-1040.

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