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Paul S. Frenette

  • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR Medicine, Hematology and Medical Oncology
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  • M.D., Laval University

  • Montreal General Hospital, McGill University

  • Montreal General Hospital, McGill University
    Internal Medicine

  • New England Medical Center, Tufts University

  • Center for Blood Research, Harvard Medical School


Lucas D, Battista M, Shi PA, Isola L, Frenette PS. Mobilized hematopoietic stem cell yield depends on species-specific circadian timing. Cell Stem Cell 2008 Oct 9; 3(4): 364-366.

Mendez-Ferrer S, Lucas D, Battista M, Frenette PS. Haematopoietic stem cell release is regulated by circadian oscillations. Nature 2008 Mar; 452(7186): 442-447.

Frenette PS, Atweh GF. Sickle Cell Disease: Old Discoveries, New Concepts & Future Promise. J. Clin. Invest 2007 Apr; 117(4): 850-858.

Hidalgo A, Peired AJ, Wild M, Vestweber D, Frenette PS. Complete identification of E-selectin ligand activity on neutrophils reveals distinct functions of PSGL-1, ESL-1 and CD44. Immunity 2007 Apr; 26(4): 477-489.

Chiang EY, Hidalgo A, Chang J, Frenette PS. Imaging receptor microdomains on leukocyte subsets in live mice. Nat. Methods. 2007 Mar; 4(3): 219-222.

Katayama Y, Battista M, Kao WM, Hidalgo A, Thomas SA, Frenette PS. Signals from the sympathetic nervous system regulate hematopoietic stem cell egress from bone marrow. Cell 2006 Jan 27; 124(2): 407-421.

Katayama Y, Hidalgo A, Chang J, Peired AJ, Frenette PS. CD44 is a physiological E-selectin ligand on neutrophils. J. Exp. Med 2005 Apr 18; 201(8): 1183-1189.

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Dr.Frenette is not currently required to report Industry relationships.

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