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  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Genetics and Genomic Sciences
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  • BS, Wuhan University

  • PhD, Peking University


    Quan Long, PhD, was trained in both mathematics and computer science. His current research focuses on phenotype predictions and gene mapping via integration of multiscale –omics using statistics, in particular linear mixed models. He is also interested in evolutionary analysis using sequences data. Before joining Mount Sinai, he was a staff R & D engineer analyzing memory leak at IBM Research; then a staff scientist serving for the 1,000 Genomes Project and other evolution-focused projects at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Afterwards, he assumed the position of a postdoc fellow at the Gregor Mendel Institute, working on methods development as well as real data analysis for NGS-based variants calling, association mapping, and population genetics.


Please visit Dr Long's GoogleSite ( for his up-to-date research activities and full publications list.


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