The Arnhold Global Health Institute

The mission of The Arnhold Global Health Institute at Mount Sinai is to close the unconscionable gap in global health. In so doing, we save lives, transform vulnerable communities, and bring about enduring social change. Current global health challenges include infant and child mortality, deaths among women in pregnancy and childbirth, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, and illnesses caused by the global spread of toxic chemicals. The Arnhold Global Health Institute forcefully addresses these challenges through a sustained, coordinated, comprehensive plan of action encompassing research, training, and clinical practice that builds on Mount Sinai's unique strengths as a deeply altruistic, major academic medical center in the world's most globalized city. By unifying the wide range of global health activities at Mount Sinai under one roof, combining innovative thinking with intellectual rigor, making maximum use of both human and technological resources, and giving equal weight to the demands of the present and the predicted needs of the future The Arnhold Global Health Institute creates a successful model for other programs around the world that can be sustained for years to come.

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Last Update: May 12, 2014

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