At the Arnhold Institute for Global Health, we believe that health care starts in the community.

Our work is guided by our conviction that policies and innovations from community settings, both at home and abroad, have the potential to transform health care.

We partner with practitioners who know their communities and work with them to design technologies for communities to measure and manage their health; link health systems, communities, and patients to find the right models of care; and empower students and health professionals with the skills they need to be change agents. These three areas – technology, care design, and training – are essential to strengthening community health systems. Our researchers create tools and programs that are designed for scale, and our design experts work across all three areas to ensure our innovations meet the needs of the people who use them.

We see effective solutions rising from the frontline health workers serving the communities where they live. Through this work, we envision a world where vulnerable people in every community have access to health care.