Systems Pharmacology-Bioinformatics and Computational Core

The Systems Pharmacology-Bioinformatics and Computational Core can develop and visualize cellular networks from lists of genes/proteins identified experimentally or considered as disease gene lists as well as drug target lists; the core will apply expertise in network analyses using graph theory approaches to link genes using different methods and background knowledge modalities and then find clusters within those networks. The Core also has the capabilities of developing statistical models using machine learning approaches to predict adverse events, disease genes, and clinical outcomes by integrating molecular and clinical datasets. The Core has developed multitude of databases and software tools for pathway analysis and gene-set analyses and can apply these to data collected from genomics and proteomics studies. In addition, the Core has the capabilities of building customized web-portals dedicated to specific projects for interactive data exploration and data analysis on the web.

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Last Update:  March 19, 2012