The Institute for Medical Education


The Institute for Medical Education (IME) was established in 2001 to promote and advance innovative medical education and scholarship as well as recognize and reward our outstanding educators. The IME serves the vital need in our institution of creating, educating, mentoring, and retaining the best educators for our students, residents, and faculty. Fostering the success of our educators includes recognizing and rewarding those who display dedication and excellence in their work and providing programs that develop and reinforce their scholarship, teaching skills, and successful promotion. In doing so, we create a network of dedicated educators that contributes its knowledge and experience back to this community by serving as teachers and mentors. Our activities have positioned the Institute as a center for teaching and learning excellence across the Mount Sinai health system.


The scope of the IME goals encompasses promoting scholarship and dissemination of innovative medical education approaches, acknowledging and rewarding our accomplished educators, creating faculty development opportunities for all teaching faculty and supporting career advancement of medical educators in academia. Specifically, the IME aims to:

  • Recognize and reward excellence in education and teaching
  • Facilitate the academic promotion of educators
  • Support skills development in teaching, learning and medical education research
  • Promote the dissemination of innovative medical education scholarship
  • Create an educational community whose members inform and support one another

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