Mindich Child Health and Development Institute

The mission of the Mindich Child Health and Development Institute (MCHDI) is to enable translational research of diseases affecting infants, children and adolescents by assembling outstanding physician-scientists and scientists in an intellectually rich and supportive environment, which fosters collaborative scientific investigation as well as the training of the next generation of scientific leaders for pediatric medicine.

The MCHDI is dedicated to translational research with an emphasis on genomic and environmental studies to better understand the pathogenesis of prevalent pediatric conditions and diseases. Leveraging Mount Sinai's leadership in genetics and genomics sciences, as well as environmental medicine, the MCHDI has focused on the following areas of research emphasis to maximize its impact on new discoveries:

• Asthma and Allergy
• Cardiovascular Diseases
• Neurodevelopmental Disorders
• Obesity and Diabetes
• Other Childhood Diseases

For more information:
Visit: www.mssm.edu/mchdi
Email: elena.lum@mssm.edu
Last Update: September 24, 2015