Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery (CCMS)

The Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery (CCMS) is a centralized, shared resource supporting animal research via veterinary, husbandry care, and research collaboration with the faculty at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The program has been fully accredited by the Association for Assessment & Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC - #00002), since 1967. The center also provides assistance with research protocol design, clinical and anatomic pathology, and training of research personnel in the care and use of laboratory animals.   There are four primary sites of operation, with the central administration located in the Annenberg Research Building, 26th Floor. The other major housing areas are the Icahn Medical Institute (IMI); the Hess Center for Science and Medicine (HCSM) and the Atran Research building.

Annenberg Research Building

The largest variety of species is housed in this building.  Administrative offices, large animal surgical support (1 operating room and 2 cath labs), and a veterinary diagnostic laboratory are located here.

Icahn Medical Institute

This state-of-the-art rodent barrier facility offers fully automated rodent housing (ventilated caging and automatic watering), necropsy suite, and Animal Biosafety Laboratory (ABSL2/3) capability. Also located within this vivarium are the Mouse Genetics Shared Research Facility, Metabolic monitoring facility, and Gnotobiotic rodent facility.

Atran Research Building

This small facility provides overflow support for the Annenberg and IMI, respectively. Animals housed in this area reflect the general health profiles of the major support areas.

Hess Center for Science and Medicine

The HCMS vivarium is the newest and largest vivarium on campus.  Designed to specifically support Imaging, Neuroscience behavioral studies, and Cancer research, the vivarium is adjacent to the Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute‚Äôs small animal imaging suites and large animal imaging capability.  Fully automated, robotics, cage wash support and state-of-the-art environmental monitoring systems are additional key features of this facility.

The faculty of the CCMS consists of five full-time veterinarians: (Director, DVM, DACLAM; Large Animal Veterinary Clinician, DVM; Small Veterinary Clinician, MS/DVM/DACLAM; Veterinary Clinician for Translational Medicine, DVM; and Veterinary Pathologist, DVM).  Each facility has a dedicated supervisor and staff.  Supervisors are certified at the LATg level by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).  All husbandry staff are encouraged to attain certification via an in-house AALAS certification program.  

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