Office of Research Services (ORS)

Developed in response to the needs of Mount Sinai's ever growing research community, the Dean’s Office of Research Services (ORS) has been established to facilitate the conduct of research through a centralized infrastructure. ORS assists investigators and research personnel with regulatory oversight requirements and administrative processes for protocol development and grant submissions. Supported by Conduits – The Institutes for Translational Sciences, the ORS staff provides researchers with resources, information, and expertise on their projects in order to foster the research enterprise within Mount Sinai, its affiliates, and the broader community.

ORS offers a range of services to basic science, translational, and clinical investigators and research personnel. These services include:

  • Consultations on pre-protocol development;
  • Internal regulatory support to obtain IACUC and IRB approvals;
  • External regulatory support, including assistance with IND/IDE submissions to the FDA, postings, and grant applications;
  • Research study recruitment and retention support, including assistance with developing brochures, newsletters, and web marketing (e.g.,; and
  • Assistance with accessing other valuable research resources and tools including biostatistics and research information technology.

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Last Update: September 30, 2016

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