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Research IT at Icahn School of Medicine includes Data Management and Data Warehouse services.  Data management services primarily rely on the use the Mount Sinai Rapid Database Generator (RDG) toolset.  RDG is a web-based application designed to present and store research data customized for an unlimited variety of projects and protocols.   Data is captured by user-defined web based forms and stored in dynamically maintained data tables.  Fields can be added to the forms and to the tables using the User-Defined Field (UDF) functionality.   RDG is delivered via Mount Sinai’s secure web portal and managed via Role Based Access Control security. Investigators can assign a quality control role for record validation.  The RDG allows records to be locked from further edits based on this role.  The RDG also supports electronic signature with system date stamp which will be used with record locking to track and control database versions.  Finally, there is complete audit logging showing user access to records for both view and edit including capture of old and new values on fields that have been edited. All data that is entered into RDG databases are available for users to extract and download into Excel or ASCII comma, tab or pipe delimited files as required to facilitate data sharing and import into commonly used statistical analysis software.  Access to data extraction capability is controlled through security.  This system is managed entirely by Mount Sinai IT and extensive help and expertise are available with a phone call. In addition, everything is accessible via the Web through a password protected web portal available through any internet service provider via the secure HTTPS protocol.  Security for the portal and the database are managed in accordance with industry standards for Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to create custom roles and permissions for each project and assign roles to each user.  In addition, data access can be managed by location.  For example, for multi-site collaborations, the PI or PPG statistician may be allowed to see all data for the study, but each participating location can see only their site’s data based on study design requirements. Passwords are managed in accordance with Mount Sinai’s institutional policies.  

The Mount Sinai Data Warehouse (MSDW) consists of clinical, operational, and financial data derived from patient care processes of The Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai Faculty Practice Associates.  Detailed inpatient and outpatient data are extracted from transactional systems, transformed and loaded into MSDW nightly.   MSDW contains data since 2003, sourced from 20 transactional systems, encompassing over three million patients and approaching one billion facts.  The principal objective of the Data Warehouse is to make data easily accessible for planning and executing clinical and translational research and for quality of care and process improvement projects.  A secondary objective is to monitor and improve data quality and integrity across Mount Sinai’s many transactional systems.  MSDW is compliant with HIPAA and New York State privacy and security regulations and with Mount Sinai IRB policy regarding protection of human subjects and participation in research.  Researchers planning new studies or grant applications can quickly search the de-identified Data Warehouse to quantify eligible cohorts.  For IRB-approved research or CQI projects, datamarts tailored to specific eligibility and data analysis requirements are prepared.  Datamarts may be de-identified, or may contain PHI with appropriate approvals.

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