The research program of the NY TBI Model System is designed to advance our understanding of the consequences of TBI and ways to improve rehabilitation outcomes. The current program is based on BIRC-MS research on post-TBI fatigue (PTBIF) as well as on interventions to help people with TBI make better decisions and manage their emotions.

To address these challenges, currently, two research projects are being implemented by the NY TBI Model System:

One additional project to be implemented shortly is based on a collaboration with other centers, with the NY TBI Model System as the lead center.

As a further research activity, the NY TBI Model System contributes data to a national TBI database on approximately 40 new patients receiving model system services per year. Currently in this database are data from hundreds of individuals with TBI from across the country; each person’s data are collected upon discharge from inpatient services and at 1, 2 and 5 years post discharge and then at 5-year intervals. Researchers from the New York TBI Model System and from the other U.S. centers – together and separately – use the database to answer basic questions about outcomes of services and the consequences of TBI in daily life over many years after injury.

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