Harold S Kaplan

Harold S Kaplan, MD

  • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR | Population Health Science and Policy

Research in patient safety and establishing standardized medical event reporting for error prevention and management.  Principal investigator NHLBI RO1 funded research that led to the development and implementation of an event reporting system in transfusion medicine (MERS-TM), aspects of which have been used in hospitals in the US, Canada, Ireland and Croatia, and which have been integrated into the US National Biovigilance Program. Principal investigator,  AHRQ U18 grant, “Reporting Systems and Learning: Best Practices.” The resultant system, MERS-TH, has been implemented at NYPH and MSH, and is being implemented in hospitals in Rhode Island and Illinois.  Principal investigator, “Patient Safety Analysis Training: DoD/AHRQ Partnership.”, and  most recently,  NPSF Grant, “Knowledge Discovery: The development of an error/solution matrix to improve patient safety.” Recipient in  2005 of the first AABB Hemphill-Jordan Award for  work in transfusion safety. Currently serves on  Advisory Editorial Board of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority , Technical Expert Panel AHRQ CLABSI  Project , and the NIH REDS-II Observational Study Monitoring Board.  Previously chaired Patient Safety Research Coordinating Committee for AHRQ and served as temporary advisor to the WHO Challenge Group Meeting testing validity of ICPS, and on the MPSMS Technical and  AHRQ Medication Safety Expert Panels. 


MD, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine