Kateri Moore

Kateri Moore, DVM

  • PROFESSOR EMERITUS | Cell, Developmental & Regenerative Biology

Research Topics:

Aging, Bioinformatics, Cell Adhesion, Cell Biology, Cell Cycle, Cell Division, Cellular Differentiation, Developmental Biology, Epigenetics, Gene Discovery, Genomics, Hematopoiesis, Mathematical Modeling of Biomedical Systems, Molecular Biology, Stem Cells, Transcription Factors, Transgenic Mice

My laboratory is studying both the basic biology and molecular mechanisms that make a hematopoietic stem cell a self-renewing stem cell that sustains our blood system throughout life. We do this by investigating these properties in model systems and by trying to convert other cell types into hematopoietic stem cells for eventual therapeutic uses. https://neuroscience.mssm.edu/DLabs/labs/lm.html



BS, Kansas State University

DVM, Kansas State University

Post Doctoral, Baylor College of Medicine