Klaudiusz R Weiss

Klaudiusz R Weiss, PhD

  • PROFESSOR EMERITUS | Neuroscience
  • PROFESSOR EMERITUS | Pharmacological Sciences

Research Topics:

Aplysia, Behavior, Cognitive Neuroscience, Electrophysiology, GABA, Glutamate (NMDA & AMPA) Receptors, Hormones, Membrane Proteins/Channels, Memory, Motor Neuron, Neural Networks, Neuromodulation, Neuropeptides, Neurotransmitters, Phosphorylation, Protein Kinases, Protein Phosphatases, Receptors, Synapses, cAMP

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Multi-Disciplinary Training Areas

Biophysics and Systems Pharmacology [BSP], Neuroscience [NEU]


PhD, State University of New York

Columbia University