Sergei Y Sokol

Sergei Y Sokol, PhD

  • PROFESSOR | Cell, Developmental & Regenerative Biology

Research Topics:

Biochemistry, Brain, Cell Biology, Cell Motility, Cellular Differentiation, Cytoskeleton, Developmental Biology, Developmental Neurobiology, Epithelial Cells, Gene Expressions, Gene Regulation, Genetics, Growth Factors and Receptors, Image Analysis, Microtubules, Migration, Molecular Biology, Morphogenesis, Neurobiology, Notch Signaling, Nucleus, Protein Complexes, Protein Kinases, Protein Trafficking & Sorting, Proteomics, Receptors, Signal Transduction, Stem Cells, Trafficking, Transcription Factors, Transcriptional Activation and Repression

Dr. Sokol's research is focused on signaling molecules regulating cell polarity and cell movements during vertebrate development.  He also studies molecular mechanisms regulating neuronal differentiation of neural stem/progenitor cells.

Professor, Department of Developmental and Regenerative Biology

Member, Black Family Stem Cell Institute

Sokol Laboratory




Multi-Disciplinary Training Areas

Cancer Biology [CAB], Development Regeneration and Stem Cells [DRS], Neuroscience [NEU]


PhD in Biochemistry, Harvard University