Community Engagement Core

The Community Engagement Core works toward optimizing the health and lives of groups most significantly and unjustly impacted by systemic oppressions and inequities (e.g., racism, poverty, and barriers to care) through representative and durable community partnerships.

We believe that authentic and meaningful community engagement is critical to addressing the most pressing health disparities. We work with Institute for Health Equity Research (IHER) members across disciplines, including on research initiatives in: COVID-19, chronic diseases, cancer, genomics, and mental health, to name a few.

Speak Up on COVID-19

In March 2020, when COVID-19 first began to devastate communities, New Yorkers were left with many unanswered questions about how the pandemic would impact their local communities. IHER members have decades long-standing community partners who came together to build a transdisciplinary Research-to-Action Network of over 100 community and academic partners. The goal was to learn more about the psychosocial needs of New Yorkers during COVID-19. Since then, the virtual infrastructure we developed has served as a foundation for collaborative research and programming across many areas.

Community-Based Participatory Research

Community-based participatory research is a process that involves community members and diverse stakeholders in all phases of the research process. We offer training for community members and leaders to learn how to conduct community-based participatory research that matters to them and link participants with researchers for continued learning and collaboration.

Our community-based Participatory Research Hub includes community-identified and vetted resources to support community-engaged research projects. On the hub, there is also space for sharing research ideas that should be prioritized. Visit:

The New York City Community Engagement Alliance (NYCEAL) Against COVID-19 Disparities

IHER, NYU Langone Health, the Institute for Family Health, and a network of community-based organizations across New York City have collaborated to engage communities in efforts to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence and uptake. With community needs and strengths at the center, we learn through community-engaged research, develop and disseminate resources, host events and trainings, and promote inclusion and diversity in COVID-19 clinical trials, among other activities.

The NYCEAL website serves as a resource repository for community navigators to get updated COVID-19 guidance, access social media tools, and learn about upcoming events. Visit: