Health Care Delivery Science Core

The Health Care Delivery Science Core works toward eliminating disparities in how diseases are diagnosed and treated while embedding equity in all measurements of health care quality across the health system.

Develop Disparities Dashboards

The Institute for Health Equity Research works with Mount Sinai’s Digital and Technology Partners (DTP) experts to design Disparities Dashboards to monitor the equitableness of the care received by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPoC)  patients across the Health System.

Eliminate Harmful Racially-Biased Clinical Algorithms

Competently caring for diverse populations requires knowledge of group-specific data on risks and outcomes; evidence-based clinical decision tools based on the best available data can facilitate equitable care. However, inappropriately using race in clinical algorithms based on flawed evidence has caused harm to certain racial groups. IHER leaders, Drs. Bickell and Richardson, convened a multidisciplinary task force that has completed a comprehensive review of all clinical algorithms across the Mount Sinai Health System to identify and eliminate those that are not based on valid evidence.

Investigate Language Equity

Mount Sinai serves one of the most diverse patient populations in the world, making the consistent use of appropriate Language Interpreter Services (LIS) imperative.  Ka Ming “Gordon” Ngai, MD, MPH, is leading a novel study examining the correlation between LIS usage records and patients with a preferred language other than English. Findings will inform interventions to assure that all patients have access to qualified interpreter services when receiving care at Mount Sinai.

Eliminate Cancer Disparities

Nina Bickell, MD, MPH, is leading a systematic investigation of racial, ethnic, and language disparities in the care received by cancer patients. Dr. Bickell also leads a citywide collaborative of academic institutions and community advocates, funded by Stand Up to Cancer!, that is working to achieve equity in cancer clinical trials by increasing the proportion of Black and Latinx participants in cancer clinical trials.