Research Groups

The Institute for Health Equity Research (IHER) has formed research groups with specific area of focus to drive health equity research related a particular health issue. The work of these research groups may cut across one or more of IHER’s core areas and employ multidisciplinary approaches to examine and address inequities.  

Mental Health Equity

The Mental Health Equity Research group is focused on promoting equitable access to culturally relevant mental health treatment. This research group, led by Sidney Hankerson, MD specializes in “meeting people where they are” through partnerships with churches, barbershops, youth sports leagues, and other community-based agencies. They integrate principles of community engagement, implementation science, and social justice.

Immigrant, Cultural and Linguistics Studies

Directed by Gordon Ngai, MD, MPH, this research group focuses on investigating language equity. The Mount Sinai Health System serves one of the most diverse patient populations in the world, making the consistent use of appropriate language interpreter services (LIS) imperative. Dr. Ngai is leading a novel study examining the correlation between LIS usage records and patients with a preferred language other than English. Findings will inform interventions to assure that all patients have access to qualified interpreter services when receiving care at Mount Sinai.