To achieve the ambitious goals set by The Tisch Cancer Institute, Mount Sinai Health System must recruit more than 30 new medical oncologists, cancer biologists, stem cell researchers, and geneticists. We will also need to acquire, enhance, and leverage advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and high-impact community and medical education programs.

To do this, we need your generous support.

Many thousands of people in our service area are affected by or at risk for cancer — including your own family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Your gift to The Tisch Cancer Institute will make an enormous difference to countless lives today and tomorrow, here and elsewhere.

To learn more about specific Tisch Cancer Institute giving opportunities, please contact:

Maura G. Lynch, Director of Development
Phone: 212-731-7435

The Campaign for Mount Sinai


Strategic Funding Objectives

Intellectual Capital

Personalized, skilled clinical care. Groundbreaking translational research. These can only be achieved by brilliant and accomplished faculty. Recruiting and retaining extraordinary talent is a key component in making The Tisch Cancer Institute successful. Our intellectual capital requirements include:

  • Surgical oncologists
  • Medical oncologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Clinical investigators
  • Translational researchers
  • Basic scientists


Facilities are not curative in themselves, but the right facilities can be highly conducive to realizing more effective care and more ambitious research. State-of-the-art equipment and technologies and well-designed lab and treatment spaces can make a real difference. Our capital needs include:

  • Center for Science and Medicine for clinical and research space
  • Radiation Oncology Treatment Area
  • The Eva and Glenn Dubin Breast Care Center


A cancer diagnosis presents patients with a host of new questions, concerns, and needs. Through education, treatment, and other services, we provide the information and specialized interventions that complement the care we deliver. Our priorites include:

  • Cancer prevention
  • Epidemiology
  • Palliative care
  • Psychosocial support