Biorepository and Pathology

Through the Biorepository and Pathology CoRE we provide basic histology services including the capability to process, embed, and section fixed and frozen tissues (both animal and human) for the Mount Sinai Health System and the external academic and biopharmaceutical community.

Our facility can also generate tissue microarrays utilizing materials directly from the biorepository, animal model systems, or in coordination with the clinical pathology service. We will prepare unstained slides suitable for a variety of applications such as histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization, laser capture microdissection, as well as hematoxylin and eosin and other special stains for routine light microscopic evaluation. We also support DNA/RNA/miRNA extraction from fluids and tissue specimens (both fixed and frozen) and we have a digital scanning and image analysis service.

The Biorepository currently supports functions for tissue/body fluid procurement, storage, and tracking from consented and de-identified collections. Pathologists responsible for procurement can be contacted for consultation to determine investigator requirements for human specimens in translational research, and then arrange procurement as feasible.

Biorepository Search Tool

The new-and-improved Biorepository Search Tool is on its way. Users should contact Rachel Brody, MD, PhD at with all requests until the tool is ready.

As part of the Department of Pathology, Molecular and Cell-Based Medicine, one of the largest Pathology departments in the country— the Biorepository has access to thousands of unique specimens and rare diagnoses. We provide expert consultation and curation of samples to accommodate your needs and research goals.

Our research offerings include:

  • 19,000+ distinct samples
  • 120,000+ aliquots
  • All organ systems
  • Fixed, frozen, fresh and other forms of preserved tissue (for RNA, DNA, etc.)
  • Blood and liquid specimens available
  • Malignant and non-malignant diagnoses
  • Tumor, Normal, and Tumor-Normal pairs
  • Access to multiple, linked databases (coming soon)

In order to sustain the Biorepository for current and future investigator’s it is critically important that you acknowledge the Biorepository and Pathology CoRE in all publications, grants, and awards that include any data or services you have derived from our facility. This is a mandatory requirement for funding.

The Biorepository and Pathology CoRE has been providing services to the Mount Sinai Health System research community as well as external investigators since 2006, facilitating high quality translational research, multiple collaborative studies, and numerous peer-reviewed publications.

Please let us know whenever any publication or grant has evolved as a result of involving any of the services of the Biorepository and Pathology CoRE.