Meet Our Team

IHER Leadership

Carol Horowitz, headshot

Carol Horowitz, MD, MPH
Institute Director

Lynne Richardson, MD headshot

Lynne Richardson, MD
Institute Co-Director

IHER Core Leads

Nina Bickell, MD headshot

Nina Bickell, MD
Professor & Director, Health Care Delivery Science Core







image of Vangeepuram

Nita Vangeepuram, MD
Associate Director, Community Engagement Core







image of Gordon (KaMing) Ngai

Gordon (KaMing) Ngai, MD

Director of Immigrant, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies







Emma Benn, DrPH headshot

Emma Benn, DrPH
Director, Center for Scientific Diversity








image of Danielle Rivera

Danielle Rivera, MPH
IHER Project Coordinator







image of Devin Madden

Devin Madden
IHER Program Manager







image of Michelle Ramos

Michelle Ramos
Clinical Trial Manager







image of Sabrina Clermont

Sabrina Clermont
Recruitment Diversity Specialist







image of Crispin Goytia

Crispin Goytia
Community Engagement Specialist







image of Cindy Clesca

Cindy Clesca
Senior Project Manager







image of Eunice Wright

Eunice Wright
Administrative Manager







image of Timnit Ghebretinsae

Timnit Ghebretinsae
IHER Research Coordinator







IHER Faculty

Donald Apakama, MD
Research Fellow

Saadiyah Bilal, MD
Research Fellow

Kirk Campbell, MD
Associate Professor & Director of Recruitment Center for Scientific Diversity

Makini Chisolm-Straker, MD, MPH
Associate Professor

Uraina Clark, PhD
Director of Research Development, Center for Scientific Diversity

Stephanie H. Hernandez, MD
Assistant Professor

Louisa Holaday, MD

Utsha Khatri, MD
Assistant Professor

Tracy Layne, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor & Director of Mentorship Development, Center for Scientific Diversity

Michelle P. Lin, MD, MPH, MS
Assistant Professor

Victoria Mayer, MD
Assistant Professor

Sarah J. Miller, PsyD
Assistant Professor & Director of Faculty Diversity and Inclusion, Center for Scientific Diversity

Tiffany Mitchell, MD
Assistant Professor

Nihal E. Mohamed, PhD
Associate Professor & Director of Education and Training, Center for Scientific Diversity

Jamilia Sly, PhD
Assistant Professor & Director of Anti-Racist Community Research and Outreach, Center for Scientific Diversity

Kimberly Souffront PhD, RN, FNP- BC
Assistant Professor & Associate Director Center of Nursing Research & Innovation

Shameeke Taylor, MD
Assistant Professor

IHER Collaborators

Pamela Abner, MPA, CPXP
Vice President & Chief Diversity Operations Officer Mount Sinai Hospital Groups
Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Allan Just, PhD
Assistant Professor
Environmental Medicine & Public Health

Eimear E Kenny, PhD
Professor & Director
Institute For Genomic Health

Girish Nadkarni, MD
Associate Professor & Clinical Director
Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Health

Joshua Safer, MDB
Professor & Director Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery

Rachel Vreeman, MD, MS
Professor & Chair
Director, The Arnhold Institute For Global Health