Graduate Degree Programs

Selected courses taught by Departmental Faculty in the MS in Clinical Research, PhD in Clinical Research, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Medicine include:

  • CLR 0501 – Computational Tools for the Clinical Researcher, which instructs students in the fundamentals of data management, electronic data capture and SAS programming for statistical analysis.

  • CLR 0007 – Spectrum of Methods of Clinical Research III, which teaches the basics of health services research, including comparative effectiveness research and cost - effectiveness analysis.

  • BSR 3002 and 3003 – The QED Project provides a hands-on, team-based technology development experience for graduate students and students

  • BSR2002 - Translating Science -- introduces graduate students to the thinking required for effective translational research

  • MPH 0801 – An introduction to probability theory.

  • CLR0320 – Applied Biostatistics in Clinical Trials

  • Introduction to Statistical Inferences

  • Longitudinal analysis

  • Statistical programming with SAS

  • Clinical and Translational Research Journal Club & Seminar Series for masters' and doctoral candidates in the clinical research program (CLR0017,18 &19).

  • MPH 0305 – Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

  • MPH 0106 – Public health, politics, and policy

  • Health policy for 1st year medical students

  • Departmental faculty members are guest lecturers in a number of other MSSM courses, and provide thesis mentorship for candidates for both the Masters in Clinical Research (CLR0001) and the PhD in Clinical Research.