Education and Training Programs

The Department has grown its educational and training agenda and is heavily involved in training the next generation of translational scientists at Mount Sinai and nationally by means of new courses of instruction and research mentorship to students in both the School of Medicine and School of Biological Sciences and to junior faculty through the CTSA program. The areas of instruction, as multidisciplinary as the Departments faculty, include clinical research methods, biostatistics, data management, economic analysis, clinical epidemiology, measurement of quality of life and functional status, health policy, information technology, social networking, and health equity research, among others. The programs through which this training and instruction are offered include the following:

  • Center for Patient Oriented Research, Training, Education, and Development (CePORTED) – The Department has a leadership role in several of the programs offered by this educational component of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA), Conduits, including the KL-2 mentored research training program for young faculty, and co-directs the MS and PhD programs in clinical research, as well as the combined MS/MD program (PORTAL).

  • Summer Seminar Series in Clinical Research – Topics in clinical/translational research will include: 1) secondary data analysis utilizing large data sets, 2) EMR and personalized medicine, 3) biostatistical strategies in clinical trial design and handling of missing data, 4) multicenter trials, 5) social network analysis, and 6) drug discovery and innovation. Sponsored by Conduits – The Institutes for Translational Sciences; the Center for Patient Oriented Research, Training, Education and Development (CePORTED); and the Graduate Medical Education Office. For registration and additional information, click here.

  • Training Programs – The Department provides training in clinical research practices to recipients of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) fellowship training grant in primary care research. This program trains five physicians from the following specialties: pediatrics, general internal medicine, geriatrics and hospital medicine.