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Early Phase Trial Unit

Key to advancing optimal cancer care—the overarching mission of The Tisch Cancer Institute (TCI)—is the pursuit of novel therapies based on scientific investigation that lead to the most effective care with the best outcomes and minimal adverse events.

The Early Phase Trial Unit at TCI, under the leadership of director Thomas Marron, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, facilitates early phase clinical trials designed to maximize the development of cutting-edge therapies. With an emphasis on first-in-human and biomarker focused proof-of-concept studies, the Early Phase Trial Unit promotes the translation of scientific discoveries from TCI laboratories to clinical applications that may favorably impact patient outcomes. New agents may be piloted or used in novel combination with other agents; or, they may be administered in ways hypothesized to be more effective, such as injection directly into tumors.

The Early Phase Trial Unit facilitates TCI's rapid progress in cancer immunotherapy and serves as a hub for precision medicine clinical trials by fostering seamless integration of oncology, genomics, computational biology, pathology, interventional and diagnostic radiology, and medical and surgical specialties.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Marron, MD, PhD

Deborah Doroshow MD, PhD
Targeted Therapies 

Matthew Galsky, MD
Professor of Medicine

Marshall Posner, MD
Professor of Medicine

Lisa Fitzgerald, RN, AGACNP-BC, MBA
Program Director

Natalie Lucas, MSN, FNP-BC, OCN
Clinical Program Manager

Kathy Wu, MSN, ANP-BC
Clinical Program Manager

Zichen Li (Eric), PharmD, MS
Clinical Trials Manager

Olivia Hapanowicz
Clinical Research Coordinator

Paula King
Clinical Research Coordinator

Miriam San Lucas
Research Program Coordinator

Khadija Holley, MBA
Research Program Coordinator

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