The Tisch Cancer Institute

Cancer Mechanisms

The Cancer Mechanisms (CM) Program of The Tisch Cancer Institute (TCI) is comprised of members who share a common goal to catalyze basic research pertinent to cancer-relevant mechanistic discovery with the ultimate goal of generating new knowledge that will lead to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of primary cancer and systemic cancer recurrence in our unique community.

Our premise is that basic research focused on genetic, epigenetic, biochemical, micro-environmental, and developmental pathways that drive primary cancer initiation and maintenance, minimal residual disease, dormancy and overt metastasis, will reveal novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets to address each of these stages across both liquid and solid tumors.

The program aims to elucidate critical mechanisms across the three CM themes and foster intra- and inter-program collaborations in order to accelerate the transfer of discoveries into translational and clinical efforts. The CM program will achieve this goal by using orchestrated intra-programmatic efforts within themes (e.g. working groups, monthly meetings), and inter-programmatic collaborations with other TCI programs or with disease focus groups such as Liver Cancer.

Scientific Themes:

  • Cell and Niche Biology
  • Cell Signaling Networks
  • Chromatin and Gene Regulation