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Clinical Research Support Unit

The Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU)—operated by the Clinical Protocol and Data Management team—assists The Tisch Cancer Institute investigators in the development , conduct, and reporting of innovative clinical research in an efficient, regulatory-compliant, and scientifically sound manner. The CRSU comprises specialized units that support disease-specific research teams. It provides study coordination, data management, regulatory management, pre-award budgeting, training and education, all in a manner that complements the Protocol Review and Monitoring System.

All cancer clinical trials are monitored according to guidelines in the TCI Data and Safety Monitoring Plan (DSMP). A formal Data and Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC) ensures that TCI investigator-initiated clinical trials are compliant with the DSMP. The DSMC reviews, on an ongoing basis, data regarding safety and efficacy from active investigator-initiated clinical trials deemed high-risk to ensure the safety of study participants.

Clinical trials at TCI include significant percentages of patients representing minority populations and women, as well as pediatric and elderly patients.

Oversight of clinical research is intended to ensure that The Tisch Cancer Institute investigators conduct high-quality science in a responsible manner, with minimal risk to patients. 

Karyn Goodman, MD, MS
Associate Director, Clinical & Translational Research

Ajai Chari, MD
CRSU Medical Director, Multiple Myeloma

Paula Klein, MD
CRSU Medical Director, Downtown

Marshall Posner, MD
CRSU Medical Director, Solid Tumors

John Mascarenhas, MD
CRSU Medical Director, Liquid Tumors

Thomas Marron, MD, PhD
CRSU Medical Director, Experimental Therapeutics

Nina Bhardwaj, MD, PhD
CRSU Medical Director, Immunotherapy


The CRSU is organized by divisions that provide distinct, well-integrated services under unified leadership reporting to the Executive Director of Clinical Research Administration. Skilled personnel are available to assist Investigators by providing administrative, regulatory, finance management, study coordination, quality assurance, educational support and data management and reporting.

Therica Miller
Executive Director of Clinical Research Administration

Jennifer Cocco
Director, Research Information Systems 

Yolanda Rockhead-Carter
Assistant Director, Contracts and Budget

Seth Levine
Associate Director, Research Finance

Shakira Forde
Associate Director, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Stephanie Borgan
Director, Quality Assurance and Education/Training

Daniela Delbeau
Associate Director, Immunotherapy

Lisa Allen
Associate Director, Liquid Tumors

Lisa Fitzgerald
Associate Director, Experimental Therapeutics

Erick Herrscher
Director, Multiple Myeloma

Donna Catamero
Associate Director, Multiple Myeloma (Nursing)

Amishi Dhadwal
Associate Director, Multiple Myeloma (Clinical Operations)

Clinical research nurses and coordinators have regular assignments with investigators by disease-specific research teams to build expertise in particular areas of oncology. For more information, please email


The Clinical Research Support Unit currently supports three prestigious research consortia:

MAGIC-Mount Sinai Acute GVHD International Consortium: Composed of 10 major stem cell transplant centers in the United States and Europe who are collaborating to use this new scoring system to test new treatments for acute GVHD.

Contact: Rachel Young

The Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Research Consortium (MPN-RC): Is an inter-active group of laboratory scientists, clinical scientists, and a biostatistics team, who work in coordination to develop and evaluate treatments that will improve the survival of patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN). The overall goal of the MPN-RC is to merge the skills and efforts of its scientifically diverse membership to generate the scientific foundation for novel therapeutic strategies which will be evaluated in rigorous, well- constructed independent investigator-initiated clinical trials. Currently, the MPN-RC has investigators in 11 institutions around the US and in Canada.

Contact: Mikaela Dougherty

MyTRO- Myeloma Translational Research Organization: A unique clinical research organization connecting sites and myeloma patients with promising drugs through clinical trials. MyTRO offers an efficient solution from providing multiple research sites in the tri-state area.

Contact: Donna Catamero

The field of clinical research is rapidly evolving giving way to unique and rewarding career opportunities to make meaningful contributions to science and a direct impact on the lives of patients diagnosed with cancer. At the Tisch Cancer Institute we are dedicated to educating the next generation of clinical research professionals, inspiring intellectual curiosity and developing a sustainable cancer-focused clinical trial workforce.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a career in clinical research? Learn about our admissions criteria, application process, leadership, faculty, and staff.

Career Opportunities:

  • The Cancer Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) is comprised of a centralized team of research professionals who facilitate translational research. Click here to learn about opportunities to join this talented team and start making a difference.



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