The Tisch Cancer Institute


Tisch Cancer Institute Membership falls into four categories: Full Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), Associate CCSG, Collaborating, and General Membership. Members within the “Full” and “Associate” membership groups must have research that fits into themes established by one of the four research programs included in the CCSG. The programs are: Cancer Mechanisms, Cancer Immunology, Liver Cancer, and Cancer Prevention and Control. Current CCSG members are evaluated on an annual basis and fulfill the below criteria:

Full CCSG Program Members

  1. Conduct independent peer-reviewed funded cancer research
  2. Principal Investigator (PI) of a programmatically-aligned investigator-initiated clinical trial
  3. Serve in a leadership role within the Cancer Institute
  4. Head a shared resource facility of the Cancer Institute
  5. PI of National Institutes of Health training grants that support the development and implementation of cancer-related predoctoral and postdoctoral programs 

Associate CCSG Program Members

  1. Co-publications that are programmatically-aligned
  2. Significant and independent clinical, translational, or basic science research contribution to a CCSG program
  3. Key role in a national cooperative group that is programmatically-aligned
  4. Newly recruited faculty in a start-up period (Up to 5 years) with strong research interests that fit within a CCSG program
  5. Head of a Cancer Institute-supported research facility


The other two membership levels are more general, and members that fit in these categories would not be included within the CCSG. “Collaborating” members are designated solely by the authority of the Center Director, and would include key institutional leaders who advise the Institute about matters affecting the Institute, or scientists affiliated with other organizations with outstanding achievements in cancer research, and who are consulting with the Institute. “General” members are interested in helping the mission of the Institute and have research or clinical practices that are related to cancer.

Potential Tisch Cancer Institute members must be full or part-time faculty, assistant professor level or above, who are on the academic or clinician/educator track, and can directly apply for membership or be nominated by the TCI Membership Committee.