The Tisch Cancer Institute

Our Community

The Tisch Cancer Institute is committed to serving our neighboring communities by providing cancer prevention, screening, and education services, as well as treatment. Working together with community leaders, we ensure that the latest treatments advanced through our research discoveries and healthcare initiatives benefit the communities we serve. Additionally, we continually educate our scientists and physicians about the cultural and societal challenges faced by these communities. Learn more about social networks in public housing to understand cancer screening and prevention needs.

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) established in 1999, composed of cancer survivors and community organizations provides members with recommendations for grant applications. The board has succeeded in developing numerous community health events and affiliations.  Our shared mission with the Cancer Care Accelerator Group, comprising community members and key stakeholders, is to identify and prioritize key challenges of and potential solutions for cancer disparities and accelerate health equity.

  • Cancer Survivors
  • Faith-based Organizations
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Lay Health Educators
  • Local Community Board Members
  • Local Community Organizations
  • NYCHA Tenant Association

  • Cancer Advocates (Breast, Colorectal, Lung, Prostate, Liver and Blood Cancers)
  • Cancer Foundations
  • Cancer Researchers
  • Cancer Survivors
  • NYC Department of Health
  • NYS Department of Health
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Faith-based Organization

  • Nina Bickell, MD, MPH
  • Emanuela Taioli, MD, PhD
  • Angela Diaz, MD
  • Lina Jandorf, MA
  • Eimear Kenny, PhD
  • Jenny Lin, MD
  • Amee Lucas, MD
  • Sarah Miller, PhD
  • Nihal Mohammed, PhD
  • Ponni Perumalswami, MD
  • Keith Sigel, MD
  • Cardinale Smith, MD
  • Juan Wisnivesky, MD, DrPH
  • Jeffrey Weiss, PhD