The Tisch Cancer Institute

Senior Leadership

The Tisch Cancer Institute leadership structure includes a Director, Deputy Director, Executive Administrator, and seven Associate Directors. This senior leadership team is responsible for establishing a vision for the cancer center and for addressing the center’s overall goals, policies, and operations. This is accomplished through the use of weekly and monthly meetings that focus on specific areas such as the further development of scientific programs, the availability of pertinent shared resources, the policies and processes related to protocol review and clinical research, and the best allocation of cancer space and resources. 

Ramon Parsons, MD, PhD

William Oh, MD
Deputy Director and Associate Director, Clinical & Translational Research

Sharon Mias, MPA
Executive Administrator

Stuart Aaronson, MD
Associate Director, Basic and Translational Research

Nina Bickell, MD
Associate Director, Community Engaged and Equity Research

Paolo Boffetta, MD
Associate Director, Global Oncology

Jerry Chipuk, PhD
Associate Director, Basic Science Shared Resources

Matthew Galsky, MD
Medical Director, Cancer Clinical Trials Office

Janice Gabrilove, MD
Associate Director, Training and Education

Emanuela Taioli, MD, PhD
Associate Director, Population Science

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