About the Program

Through an interactive virtual learning platform, participating medical schools will establish and maintain their capacity for transformational change and build a community of practice within and across schools. Students, staff, and faculty will engage in experiential learning, assessments, and outcome and performance monitoring sessions and coaching, allowing them to move beyond knowledge transfer to change that is systemic and adaptive.

The virtual learning platform will be launched and cohorts will progress through the learning path and develop the capacity to implement the phases/modules of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s multi-phased change management strategy. For each phase, cohorts will be expected to participate in the following synchronous and asynchronous activities:

  1. Virtual Session: Introduction to Phases with all cohorts (1 hour)
  2. Virtual Session: Dialogue and framing with the ART in MedEd team and each cohort (1.5 hr)
  3. Asynchronous Learning on Virtual Platform: Individual courses with content videos, activities, resources, and assessments
  4. Virtual Session: Coaching and outcome mapping with the ART in MedEd team and each cohort (1.5 hr)
  5. Virtual Session: Community of practice with all cohorts (1hr)
  6. In-Person Site Visits: May vary across phases