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How to Apply

How to Apply

For more than 50 years, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has revolutionized the practice of medicine. Our distinguished faculty, leading-edge research, and culture of collaboration develop students into big thinkers, compassionate caregivers, and industry leaders. With dozens of degree programs and educational paths to fortify your career goals, Icahn Mount Sinai students benefit from dynamic curricula, hands-on experiences, exceptional opportunities, and faculty and staff engaged in every step of your success.

Explore our programs to find the degree or opportunity that best fits your interests, goals, and skill set. Additional details on admission requirements, program structure, course descriptions, and more can be found on the respective program pages.

Students in our PhD programs conduct research under the guidance of our nationally recognized faculty, while learning core sciences, biostatistics, and translational research.

PhD in Biomedical Sciences

Our highly personalized PhD in Biomedical Sciences program offers seven multidisciplinary training areas to specialize in.

PhD in Clinical Research

Bring revolutionary therapies to life in the PhD in Clinical Research program, where students gain a strong foundation in translational research.

PhD in Neuroscience

Our coveted PhD in Neuroscience program provides a cutting-edge environment for exploring all aspects of the nervous system.

Our Medical Education program  combines the most progressive, technologically advanced, scientifically based education with the goal of addressing health care needs locally and globally.

Our master’s degree programs combine a supportive learning environment with an interdisciplinary learning approach, incorporating rigorous curricula with the latest in technology, biostatistics, biomedical informatics, and health research.

MS in Bioethics

In partnership with Clarkson University and the City University of New York, the Master of Science in Bioethics program examines complex ethics in advanced medical care and challenges students to find effective solutions.

MS in Biomedical Data Science

The Master of Science in Biomedical Data Science program provides students with combined machine learning, computer systems, and data analysis to improve human health in the burgeoning field of biomedical data science.

MS in Biomedical Science

Students experience both MD and PhD coursework in the Master of Science in Biomedical Science program, while establishing an interdisciplinary foundation for a variety of biomedical fields.

MS in Biostatistics

Students learn to use innovative computational methods and data analysis to discover key trends, evaluate risks, design studies, test drugs, and more during their time in the Master of Science in Biostatistics program. 

MS in Clinical Research

The Master of Science in Clinical Research program positions students to pursue legacy research by teaching them to compete for funding, interpret data, and present findings.

MS in Epidemiology

A pervasive topic in today’s health care field, the Master of Science in Epidemiology program thrusts students into the critical world of disease control.

MS in Genetic Counseling

The Master of Science in Genetic Counseling program trains ambitious students to uncover and understand the intricacies of genetic disorders and their impact on patients.

MS in Health Care Delivery Leadership

Unlike other programs that focus on theory, the Master of Science in Health Care Delivery Leadership trains students in the practical execution of health care leadership, operations management, and strategic planning.

Master of Health Administration

The Master of Health Administration program creates a class of qualified managers, ready to deliver superior care and outstanding value for their organizations and the populations they serve.

Master of Public Health

With eight specialty tracks to choose from, the Master of Public Health program offers students extensive opportunities for bettering global health in a variety of roles and industries.

Our dual degree programs are designed to maximize your learning across different areas of study while preparing you for practicing medicine, conducting research, interpreting diagnostics, or implementing systemic change.


Build a foundation of podiatric medicine that fits within total health and wellness in our DPM/MPH program. You will earn both degrees in four years in collaboration with the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.


Build a foundation of podiatric medicine that fits within total health and wellness in our MD/MPH dual degree program. Students will earn both degrees in four years in collaboration with the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.


Designed to encourage the career development of medical students who want to become leading physician-scientists, the MD/MSCR program provides a multidisciplinary approach to clinical investigation in a mentored environment.

Dual MD/PhD

Our National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded program combines clinical education with next-generation research to prepare you to become a physician-scientist. The MD/PhD dual degree programs allows you to choose from eight multidisciplinary training areas to personalize your experience and thesis research.


Earn two degrees in three years in our accelerated MSW/MPH dual degree program. This program trains students in prevention, community health, and the delivery of health care to vulnerable populations.

We offer several specialty programs for you to expand your training to broader professional horizons, streamline your time at Icahn Mount Sinai, and give you the opportunity to deepen your skillset in core areas.

Early Assurance Program

The Donald and Vera Blinken FlexMed Program  allows college sophomores in any major to apply for early assurance of acceptance to Icahn Mount Sinai, without the traditional science requirements and the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT).

Global Mental Health Program

The Global Mental Health Program enhances access to mental health care for people in East Harlem and around the world by training students, faculty, and residents to provide mental health services to underserved communities.

PhD Application Assistance and Advisory Program

The PhD Application Assistance and Advisory Program offers in-person or virtual assistance for underrepresented students pursuing a PhD in our Biomedical Sciences or Neuroscience programs through workshops, interviews, and mock interviews.

Physician Scholars Program

The Physician Scholars Program is an integration of doctoral studies with clinical residency or fellowship training, over seven years. Students in this program are uniquely positioned to advance medicine and patient care through several perspectives, with a combined wealth of knowledge and experience that is rare in the field.

Through our certificate and pathway programs, high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students gain hands-on experience in intensive summer internships, access federally funded research programs, earn specialized certificates, and more.

Advanced Certificate in Public Health

This Advanced Certificate credential is a 15-credit, one-year program that helps practitioners, researchers, and other trainees expand their public health skill set.

Clinical Research Training Program

This one-year program focuses on core work in biostatistics and epidemiology, and excludes the second-year research seminars and thesis required of our Master's students.

Fogarty International Program in Research Ethics

The Fogarty International Program in Research Ethics combines the resources of Icahn Mount Sinai and regional institutions to advance the development of research ethics and infrastructure internationally.

Global Health Disparities Research Training Program

Conduct mentored research abroad in this immersive internship that emphasizes collaboration, cultural and scientific exchange, diversity, and a passion for medical sciences.

Multidisciplinary Engineering and Renal Research for Innovation of Technology Fellowship

The Multidisciplinary Engineering and Renal Research for Innovation of Technology Fellowship (MERRIT) Fellowship is a training program for engineering students to promote advances in the development of new technologies and therapeutics for treatment of kidney disease.

Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program

The Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program provides individualized mentoring, coursework, and a supportive learning environment for post-baccalaureate students interested in pursuing a PhD or MD/PhD.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program for Underrepresented Scholars

In this 10-week summer program underrepresented students conduct intensive research across various disciplines in a vibrant, diverse, and nurturing environment that will prepare them to submit PhD or MD/PHD applications.

Icahn Mount Sinai’s residency and fellowship programs provide excellent preparation for practicing medicine or furthering a career in academic medicine. Residents and fellows receive unrivaled opportunities and individualized support through unique clinical experiences, mentorship programs, and health care quality improvement initiatives.

Continuing Medical Education courses enhance the professional development of physicians through annual meetings, symposia, conferences, seminars, grand rounds, board review courses, and live webcasts.

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