Arnhold Institute for Global Health

The Task Force on Global Advantage

The Task Force on Global Advantage aims to identify global innovations and approaches to health care delivery capable of achieving breakthroughs in domestic health outcomes.

The Moment

As the United States enters a new era of foreign policy, there has never been a more urgent moment to reaffirm the link between global engagement and a more competitive nation. Within the last decade, local and global health agendas have converged on the overarching goal of building public health and health care systems that result in healthier lives for all people. Moving toward this vision requires achieving breakthroughs in lowering health care costs, designing health systems that are responsive to populations, innovating uses of information and communication technologies, and growing a new generation of leadership for better health.  Americans must embrace the advantage of thinking globally or fall further behind global peers in health outcomes and costs of care.

The Work

The Arnhold Institute for Global Health is convening and hosting a Task Force on Global Advantage, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that will bring together global and domestic experts to identify areas of work in health care and public health in order to utilize global solutions that achieve breakthroughs in domestic health.

Areas of Global Advantage

The task force has identified areas of global advantage based on three defining characteristics: in the United States, first, low performing sectors; second, under-defined health care issues; and third, those issues that can advance through a broad diversity of global innovations.

Guided by these three characteristics, the Global Advantage team has identified four core areas of global advantage:

  • Chronic disease action
  • Health system design
  • Information and communications technologies for population health
  • Training and workforce

The Impact

The Task Force on Global Advantage will provide United States health system and public health leaders with a new arsenal of tools to create transformative change in their communities. Drawn from global health innovations, we must calibrate these tools to work in the economic, social, and political context of the United States. By disseminating these tools across national networks, the Task Force will catalyze local benefit from global experience.