Transplant Infectious Diseases Program

The Mount Sinai Transplant Infectious Diseases Program is dedicated to the prevention and management of infectious diseases in solid organ and stem cell transplant recipients as well as other immunocompromised hosts. With a collaborative clinical and academic relationship with the Heart Transplant Program, the Recanati-Miller Transplant Institute and the Bone Marrow Transplant Program, our program is dedicated to providing the following services:

  • Collaboration with each individual transplant program to provide excellent clinical care in both the inpatient and outpatient setting
  • Educational support for each individual transplant program to ensure that the clinical practices meet the standard of care
  • Expertise to develop guidelines for the prevention and management of infections for each individual transplant program
  • Innovative research initiatives that advance the field and improve the care of our patients

Patient Care

  • The Organ Transplant Infectious Diseases Consult Service and the BMT/Oncology Infectious Diseases Consult Service are each staffed by one faculty member and one infectious diseases fellow at all times and provide inpatient consultation and follow-up for all patients with suspected or confirmed infections. The Organ Transplant ID Service sees patients on the following services: liver medicine, liver transplant, kidney-pancreas transplant, intestinal transplant, mechanical circulatory support, and heart transplant. The BMT/Oncology ID Service sees patients on all oncology services.
  • The Transplant Infectious Diseases Outpatient Practice performs pre-transplant evaluations, consultations, and follow-ups for all patients before and after transplantation.


  • The program is essential to the training of the Mount Sinai Infectious Diseases Fellows who rotate on the consult services during the first year of fellowship and may also participate in a Transplant Track during the second year of fellowship.
  • Additionally, fellows from the greater New York City area participate in the Mount Sinai Transplant Infectious Diseases Visiting Fellow Program to receive training in the care of transplant recipients and other immunocompromised hosts.


The program is also dedicated to a research program with active or upcoming projects in the following areas

  • Epidemiology, prevention and treatment of resistant Gram-negative infections
  • Solid organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients
  • Prevention of CMV following solid organ transplantation

Meena Rana, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine/Infectious Diseases 

Dallas Dunn, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Shirish Huprikar, MD
Professor, Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Samantha Jacobs, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Gopi Patel, MD
Associate Professor

Tim Sullivan, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Sarah Taimur, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Risa N Fuller, MD
Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine

Meenakshi M Rana, MD
Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine

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