Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine is at the forefront of twenty-first century medicine with an uncompromising commitment to providing excellent patient care; to conducting cutting-edge research; and to the rigorous training of tomorrow’s physicians and physician-scientists in an environment that supports all members of our community. Our department is ranked in the top 15 for funding by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and we receive nearly $147 million annually. Our highly competitive residency programs have a national reputation for excellence for producing the highest quality junior faculty and physicians. As the largest academic department in the Mount Sinai Health System, we are leading the integration of the latest discoveries in the lab and innovations in clinical care into patient-centric care models in the safest, and most compassionate way possible.


With 14 different divisions across multiple campuses and more than 2,000 faculty, trainees, and staff, the Department of Medicine continues to strive for excellence and progress. Our divisions are home to highly motivated physician scientists who work every day to create new techniques and new pathways of care for our patients and who pass along our ethos of innovation to our trainees.

Office of Education

Residents and fellows in the Department of Medicine are given the tools and opportunities to thrive in the world of twenty-first century medicine. We have created a rock-solid foundation for excellence in patient-centered clinical care with multi-faceted and wide-ranging career mentoring and research opportunities. Our training programs meet the needs of every type of doctor, from those that want to work in a purely clinical setting to those who want to practice in a tertiary-referral academic setting to those who want to focus solely on basic science research. 
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Office of Research

The Office of Research in the Department of Medicine has a long tradition of conducting cutting-edge basic, clinical, and translational research and our researchers continue to lead the way in biomedical discoveries. We also take pride in providing excellent training, professional development, and support of our research faculty. Many of our residents and fellows begin working on innovative research projects in the lab, at the clinic, in the community, or even abroad as part of our global health initiative. An innovative mentoring program that we developed is already serving as a national model and our NIH-funded research budget is nearly $124 million, placing the Department of Medicine among the top 15 departments of medicine in the country.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of Medicine is committed to the fair and equal treatment of all its faculty, trainees and staff. We are proud to be trailblazers in our promotion of women, underrepresented minorities and members of the LGBT community into leadership positions in our department and throughout this institution. Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion believes that we cannot be an institution dedicated to excellence without being a champion for ALL its members.

The ISMMS Scholars Portal

The ISMMS Scholars Portal is a research information management tool for tracking research metrics and impact.  Scholars Portal helps you to find publications and other kinds of research output, people, projects and grants, research units (departments, institutions, centers), datasets, and research-related activities. Please visit our Scholars Portal website for more details.  You may also use the link below to find out more about this area’s research activities available on the Scholars Portal.

Department of Medicine on the Icahn School of Medicine Scholars Portal

Mount Sinai One Million Study

Physicians should recruit more patients into genomic studies to better understand how genes influence health outcomes. Learn More.

The physicians and scientists in the Department of Medicine are continuously being recognized in prestigious academic journals as well as the mainstream press and social media outlets. The Department of Medicine has multiple platforms to highlight and share their medical breakthroughs, advice and recommendations. Please come visit DOM’s newsroom.