Tuition Payment Policies

It is the responsibility of all ISMMS students to meet any and all financial obiligations to the institution. Tuition and fee payments can be made by personal check, certified check, or money order payable to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS).

Tuition and fees are due by the payment deadline. Tuition and fee charges can be viewed in the Empower Student Information System. 

Payment Plans

Students can establish a payment plan with Nelnet Campus Commerce. For information, call 800-609-8056 or visit their website.

Financial Responsibility

Tuition and fees must be fully paid by the due date for each academic term. If timely payment is not received, a financial hold is placed on a student's account restricting further enrollment. Students with a financial hold will not be allowed to take any of the following actions:

  • Register for additional courses
  • Participate in additional research or clinical experiences
  • Participate in additional academic milestones
  • Maintain their student status at ISMMS

Outstanding balances will be transferred an external collection agency.

Please be aware that students cannot apply federal financial aid funds toward prior year outstanding balances. Financial aid may only be used for expenses incurred during the current academic year.

Refund Policy

ISMMS will not refund paid tuition upon dismissal or withdrawl from a program or the institution. However, ISMMS will prorate flat-rate and per-credit tuition charges based on the official date of the completed course withdrawal or program withdrawal/dismissal on a decreasing percentage basis as follows for each term.

  • 1st week of term: 100%
  • 2nd week of term: 75%
  • 3rd week of term: 50%
  • 4th week of term: 25%
  • After 4 weeks into the term, no refund is possible

Unearned TA Return Policy (Military Student Tuition Benefits)

  • Before or during weeks 1-2: 100% return
  • During weeks 3-4: 75% return
  • During weeks 5-8: 50% return
  • During weeks 9: 40% return (60% of course is completed)
  • During weeks 10-16: 0% return

Repetition of Coursework

Graduate and medical students who repeat coursework will be charged tuition for each repeated course, regardless of prior tuition charges.  Financial aid cannot be applied towards repeated coursework.