Tuition Payment Policies

You can make tuition payments by personal check, bank draft, or money order payable to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS).

Tuition and fees are due by the payment deadline. Tuition and fee charges can be viewed in the Empower Student Information System. Invoices are emailed to your official ISMMS email account.

Domestic Students

Students can establish a payment plan with Nelnet Campus Commerce. For information, call 800-609-8056 or visit their website.

Domestic & International Students

Students are able to also pay their tuition and fees via a wire transfer process. PayMyTuition allows students to make payment from any bank, in any country, in any currency at better than bank exchange rates.

Additional Information on PayMyTuition

Payment Clearance

Your tuition must be fully paid within 30 days of the bill date. Thereafter, a $100 late payment fee is assessed and the account is placed on Hold. Students with a hold will not be allowed to take any of the following actions:

  • Register and attend classes
  • Receive a transcript or letter of recommendation
  • Have academic credits certified
  • Be granted a leave of absence or special matriculation status
  • Receive other student services
  • Have your degree conferred.

At the end of each academic year, we forward all outstanding balances to an external collection agency.

Please be aware that you cannot apply federal financial aid toward outstanding debts from the previous academic year. You must use all aid for the academic year in which it is awarded. We do not award financial aid to students who have outstanding balances (i.e., tuition, fees, housing, and insurance) from the previous academic year.

Refund Policy

We will not refund tuition upon dismissal, complete withdrawal, or transfer. However, we will prorate it, based on the official date of complete withdrawal/dismissal on a decreasing percentage basis as follows for each term.

  • 1st week of term: 100%
  • 2nd week of term: 75%
  • 3rd week of term: 50%
  • 4th week of term: 25%
  • After 4 weeks into the term, no refund is possible

MD students planning to take a year off to do research must have all arrangements completed and their research proposals approved by the Medical Student Research Office prior to the start of the fall term.

Repetition of Course Work

Graduate and medical students who repeat course work will be billed current per credit charge.