Schizophrenia Fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine

If you have completed an accredited residency program in psychiatry, you are eligible to apply for our Schizophrenia Fellowship. Through this program you continue training in schizophrenia patient care while engaging in related research at the clinical, basic, or translational level. The clinical component involves 25 percent of your time in the Schizophrenia Treatment and Research Program (STAR) at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx. You devote the remainder of your fellowship time to mentored research in an area of your choosing. You may select available mentors from the faculty from the medical center or the Icahn School of Medicine. 

Our goal is to help you become an independent researcher in schizophrenia. We encourage you to work on a submission for the mentored research career development award through the VA Career Development Program or the National Institutes of Health

Through the Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center located at the VA Medical Center we provide infrastructure and educational support for research into serious mental illness, including schizophrenia. You are invited to attend seminars, journal clubs, and didactic programs at the School or the medical center to supplement your training.


To apply for a clinical fellowship, contact Dr. Eran Chemerinski at If your interests are more in translational or basic research, contact Dr. William Byne at

Recent Publications

The directors of our Schizophrenia Fellowship have been widely published in peer-reviewed journals.