Center for Child Trauma and Resilience

The Center for Child Trauma and Resilience (CCTR) advances the science and treatment of child traumatic stress and psychological resilience. We study the nature of and treatment for child trauma and resilience, and train professionals and nonprofessionals throughout New York City and beyond.

CCTR is also a member of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, which brings together the nation’s leading experts in child traumatic stress to work together to advance the care for children and families suffering from child trauma.   


The Center for Child Trauma and Resilience offers a variety of trainings and consultation services such as:

  1. Didactic and experiential lectures and workshops
  2. On-going clinical supervision
  3. Organizational consultation on trauma-informed practices

The center specializes in integrating scientific and clinical information and adapting it to be consumer friendly, child and family oriented, and highly practical. We provide enough knowledge to understand a trauma-informed frame then prioritize practical and applied strategies that have an immediate impact on improving engagement with and healing for traumatized children, families and staff who work with traumatized populations.

Examples of our current trainings and consultations:

  1. Engaging Traumatized Youth: A practical training on the impact of traumatic stress on youth and how to manage its manifestations in everyday, moment-to-moment interactions. This is routinely delivered to:
    1. The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development semi-annually
    2. The NYS Office of Mental Health’s child residential treatment facilities
  2. Introduction to Treating Traumatic Stress: An overview of trauma-informed principles and practices for treatment of traumatic stress disorders. Routinely delivered to:
    1. Mount Sinai Health System’s Psychiatry Residency and Psychology Internship (annual)
  3. Trauma-Informed Schools, a training for school mental health consultants that is part of the NYC Thrive Initiative.


For most families interested in treatment, treatment is provided through the outpatient psychiatry clinics throughout the Mount Sinai Health System. Please click on the names of the hospitals to find out how to schedule an intake: Mount Sinai Beth Israel and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s.

CCTR has trained clinicians in a variety of evidence-based treatments for trauma, which includes the following:

Jacob Ham, PhD can be contacted directly for treatment in his faculty practice, though he is not on any insurance panels. He can be reached directly at 212-420-4114.