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Can you imagine being able to grow a new kidney in a dish? Making a diseased heart grow again? Stimulating damaged nerve cells to come to life? Reversing memory loss? Repairing damaged cells that cause developmental disorders or cancers? Regenerating fully functional skin for burn victims? And even awakening dormant stem cells to reverse balding or to rejuvenate skin during aging? The researchers in Mount Sinai’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM) are working tirelessly to make these dreams a reality, with all their promise of improving longevity and quality of life and providing cures for a host of diseases.

The potential of regenerative medicine to impact millions of lives is almost limitless.

IRM’s mission is to synergize, integrate and accelerate basic, translational, and clinical research and education in regenerative medicine. Our research on embryonic, adult and induced pluripotent stem cells is housed within the Black Family Stem Cell Institute (BFSCI), where our scientists generate adult-like cells and tissues from human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells for modeling human disease, drug screening, cell therapies, and transplantation. Research on mechanisms of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases takes place within the Alper Center for Neural Development and Regeneration (ACNDR). The Center for Advancement of Blood Cancer Therapies (CABCT) focuses on understanding the mechanisms of human blood disorders including leukemias and anemia, and using this information to develop new and more effective therapies. In the Center for Epithelial and Airway Biology and Regeneration (CEABR), our scientists are uncovering mechanisms that control regeneration in normal and diseased epithelial tissues such as skin, trachea, and lung; developing approaches to therapeutically alter epithelial progenitor cell activity; and generating human epithelial tissues for disease modeling, drug screening, and therapeutic transplantation.

By partnering extensively with clinical researchers and clinicians, IRM’s scientists are leveraging Mount Sinai’s large and integrated health system to rapidly translate our findings to the people we care for as quickly and effectively as possible.

The IRM is committed to providing a diverse, inclusive, welcoming and intellectually vibrant environment that promotes innovation and discovery. We denounce and actively work to combat all forms of racism and bias within our institute, our institution, and the broader society. Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, consisting of Dan Hasson, PhDPrashanth Rangan, PhD, and Alison May, PhD, oversees all of our programs and operations to ensure best practices and is available to meet with IRM members with DEI concerns; Ann-Gel Palermo, Dr PH, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, serves as the DEI Advisor for our faculty search committee.