The Center for Epithelial and Airway Biology and Regeneration (CEABR) brings together scientists working on diverse epithelial tissues, including skin, trachea, lung, oral cavity, breast, liver, stomach, intestine, and esophagus, with the goal of synergizing and accelerating research on common themes related to epithelial development, stem cells, regeneration, and disease. 

Epithelial cells are a type of cell that form the outer layer of the skin, as well as the lining of various organs and structures in the body, such as they lungs, stomach, and guts. Epithelial cells are responsible for protecting and separating different areas of the body and they can also play a role in absorption and secretion.  

Regeneration refers to the ability of cells, tissues, or entire organs to repair or replace damaged or lost structures. In the case of epithelial cells, regeneration can involve the proliferation (increase in number) and differentiation (specialization) of cells to repair or replace damaged tissue. This process can be triggered by injury, disease, or other factors.

Research in epithelial biology and regeneration has led to a greater understanding of the mechanisms that control cell growth, differentiation, and repair, and has potential application in areas such as wound healing, cancer treatment, and tissue engineering.

CEABR is co-sponsored by the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the Institute for Airway Sciences and encompasses the Sinai Skin Biology and Diseases Resource-based Center.