Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Food Allergy Institute


We conduct basic, clinical, and translational research. We aim to characterize the clinical features of a growing spectrum of food allergic disease to understand why food allergies are increasing worldwide, and to determine better methods to diagnose, treat, and prevent these disorders.

We perform numerous laboratory research studies, using the most advanced techniques available, to expand our knowledge about immune mechanisms in food allergy and molecular characteristics of food allergens. We also conduct investigations in genetics, epidemiology, psychosocial concerns, daily management, nutritional issues, natural course/prevention, diagnostics, and novel therapeutics. We address the full spectrum of food allergy issues, including anaphylaxis and other severe, life-threatening reactions, food-related skin allergies such as atopic dermatitis, and gut disorders like eosinophilic esophagitis and enterocolitis.

By combining our clinical research with our laboratory-based programs, we aim to move ideas and investigations from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside as efficiently and creatively as possible.

"It's been a journey with the peanut patch. It's been amazing to see how the patch has helped my allergy! The nurses and doctors are very nice and patient. In the middle of the first year I wanted to stop. I didn’t like it. But I am really glad I didn’t. Without the patch my allergy would not get better! Mount Sinai is really cool!" 
- 8-year-old participant, peanut patch study

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